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Retirement Planning

Retirement: retirement planning | Moor Investment Services

There are many options available to you as you approach retirement and thanks to changes to pension rules, investors now have increased flexibility at the time of their retirement.

However, when you consider that you could be spending more than 30 years in retirement, many factors need to be taken into consideration such as how much income will you need and what level of risk should you be taking if any, with your pension funds after finishing work. By considering all the factors when planning for retirement, you can effectively make the right provisions to ensure you receive the level of income you need when you retire.

Retirement Options

  • Lifetime Annuity - provides a secure, taxable income payable for the rest of your lifetime. Once set up, an annuity cannot normally be changed.
  • Investment Linked Annuity - designed to give you the opportunity to obtain an income that increases during your retirement. These are linked to an underlying investment fund and contain an element of risk.
  • Income Drawdown - Capped or Flexible - an option which may be a consideration for more substantial funds, or if your have multiple sources of income. These allow you to take a taxable income directly from your fund, leaving the remainder invested.
  • Phased Retirement - an alternative option to converting the entire pension fund into an annuity or income drawdown in it's entirety. This allows you to take the benefits of your pension over time, either by setting up an a series of regular annuities or by gradually moving more money into Income Drawdown.

At Retirement

On retirement, you are normally given the option of taking a tax-free lump sum. You can normally take up to 25% of your pension as tax-free cash. Tax free cash is also known as 'Pension Commencement Lump Sum' and is potentially available on most pensions including those where it was not traditionally allowed, such as AVC's and Protected Rights funds.

Choosing the right mix of retirement schemes is not a simple process, particularly when there are so many products, providers and options available.

We recognise that the pensions world can be very daunting. We can provide specialist retirement advice and guidance on all aspects of retirement planning and how it interacts with Government legislation, taxation, means-testing and state provision including the State Second Pension (S2P).

Moor Investment Services have had many years experience in helping people plan for their retirement helping hundreds of clients in the South East with their pensions and retirement plans.

Whatever your circumstances, Contact Us ▶ to find out how we can help you plan for tomorrow, today.


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