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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care: Long-Term Care and Estate Planning with Moor Investment Services | Moor Investment Services

We are part of an increasingly ageing population. Statistics show that one in three women and one in four men will end up requiring care in our later years, and with the average annual care home fee with nursing care in London at £42,016 and in the Home Counties at £40,924* it is understandable why Long-Term Care Planning is one of the greatest causes for concern in the UK.

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in need of arranging care for yourself in your own home or in a nursing home, but if you are considering the prospect of long term care for yourself or a loved one, there will be several factors to consider.

Financial Advice When Considering Long-Term Care Arrangements

At Moor Investment Services, we offer specialist advice, understanding clearly your financial needs in later life. We can provide you with reassurance and advice to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We will assist you in understanding the long-term care system in the UK and provide suitable help and guidance recommending the solutions that are right for your particular circumstances.

Financial Planning For Long-Term Care

How and where you receive the care that is best for you will depend on the type of help and how much of it, you need. There are a number of different options available to you ranging from care in your own home, care in sheltered housing and care villages, to residential care homes with nursing care, and without nursing.

When it comes to Long-term Care, there is a lot of confusion, not to mention the emotional implications. You may also have to face some very difficult practical decisions, not least of which is whether or not you will need to pay for care and if so, how to fund it. Many people still do not realise that care is no longer provided free of charge, but whether you receive specialist care in your own home or in a residential care home, it has to be paid for.

Individual Care In England

When an individual requires care in England, they fall into one of three categories and are treated accordingly:

  • Those needing care and currently have assets of over £23,250 - will have to pay for their own care, whether it is at home or in a residential or nursing home.
  • People needing care who have assets between £14,250 and £23,250 will undergo an assessment of needs by their local authority. Care fees will normally be paid by the local authority, but in turn, the local authority will take any state pension payments the individual would normally receive to help to pay for the costs. The individual is then left with an allowance (currently £22.60 per week). For every £250 worth of savings over the lower limit of £14,250 this allowance is reduced by £1 per week.
  • Those with assets below £14,250 will be assessed by their local authority. They will usually have the cost met in full but in turn, any state pension payments will be taken leaving the individual with an allowance (currently £22.60 per week).

Tailored Long-Term Care Planning

Everyones financial circumstances are different. You may be confident that you can afford to pay for your care outright, but that does not mean you would not want to consider some of the funding options available.

Moor Investment Services offers long-term care planning and advice. We provide only suitable advice for you and your circumstances in this way:

  • We work with you to understand your long-term care planning needs, ensuring that you are in the strongest possible position to make the right decisions now and in the future
  • We help you to understand the care fees and funding options clearly and in a manner you can understand
  • We can help reduce the stress, anxiety and confusion you may be experiencing, giving you the right information to make balanced decisions
  • We will guide you through the legalities and financial options so you can be sure that you make the right decisions for the right reasons for you and your family

*Laing & Buisson, Care of Elderly People Report 2010

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