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Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)

Inheritance Tax Planning: Organising your estate to avoid or reduce inheritance tax. | Financial planning from Moor Investment Services

Inheritance Tax (IHT) probably tops the list of most hated taxes in the UK. When a relative dies leaving an estate worth more than £325,000, families are required to pay tax on a proportion of the money and property left to them within six months. After that, they are charged interest.

None of us want to see 40% of our hard earned wealth go to the taxman, rather than your family and loved ones, therefore finding out how to minimize inheritance tax is an exercise which is well worth the effort.

However, tax avoidance through deceitful practices is clearly unacceptable. But planning your estate in an orderly manner and using Inheritance tax exemptions offered by the Government, and accepted by HMRC is a wise and effective move. Reducing inheritance tax is a complex affair which requires careful planning and should be addressed as early as possible to avoid tax being paid needlessly.

Inheritance Tax Planning Process

We are sure you feel the wealth that you have created throughout your lifetime should be passed on to your beneficiaries, not the HMRC. Our aim is to help you pay only the Inheritance tax you should pay, nothing more.

We will work closely with you when making plans to reduce the tax you need to pay. Inheritance tax planning is a complex area with many different solutions. It is not just about saving tax, but also about you deciding who, when and how much your beneficiaries receive. The ultimate end result is peace of mind for you and your family.

Moor Investment Services have had many years experience in helping clients with their inheritance tax planning and IHT advice.

Find out how we can help you with your IHT planning needs Contact Us or to find out how we could possibly save you money. Or alternatively, for some straightforward Inheritance Tax (IHT) advice.


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